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OPENFARM presents the new electronic signature platform so that your clients sign any document quickly, securely and with full legal validity from any device and at any time without the need to download any app



SIGNfarm collects all the digital evidence necessary to guarantee the identity of the signer and the validity of the signed document:

  • Unique CSV code that identifies each signed document and guarantees that it has not been altered
  • Electronic signature of the document. Each signed document includes a recognized electronic signature that guarantees the non-modification of the document
  • OTP signature. The signature of each document requires the introduction of an OTP code sent by SMS to the signer
  • Biometric signature. In addition to the OTP signature, it is mandatory to carry out a biometric signature in which the biometric data that uniquely identifies the signer is captured
  • Document audit certificate. For each signed document, the issuer has access to a complete certificate of the signing process that includes all the steps carried out and collects evidence of each one of them
  • Time stamp. All digitally signed documents include a time stamp issued by a recognized Time Stamp entity (CATCert)

Signing Process

The process of signing the document that guarantees the identity of the signer and the validity of the document consists of 4 simple steps:


Document notification to signer

The signer receives by Email or by SMS the notification that he has one or more documents to sign


Access to the document and request additional data

The signatory accesses the document through the link received by email or sms and can fill in the additional data requested by the issuer


Document signature

The signer authorizes the collection of biometric data and must indicate both the OTP code received by SMS and his biometric signature


Collecting evidence and closing the document

The system collects all the necessary evidence and generates the final document, including the time stamp, the digital signature and notifies the issuer of the document signature

Available modalities



Try it free for 30 days

  • Includes 1 user
  • 10 free signing requests available
  • OTP SMS signature
  • Email notification to Signer
  • Document custody
  • Audit Document
  • Automatic activation and commissioning
  • No credit card required


€25 €40

/month + VAT
(Single payment: €300 + VAT)

/month + VAT

  • Includes 5 users
  • 1000 signing requests per year
  • 1000 MB of storage
  • SMS notifications included: 100 SMS
  • 80 signing requests per month
  • 80MB storage
  • SMS notifications included: 10 SMS
  • OTP SMS signature
  • API access included
  • Document custody: 5 years
  • Audit Document
  • Auto activation and start-up


€45 €75

/month + VAT
(Single payment: €540 + VAT)

/month + VAT

  • Includes 10 users
  • 2,500 signing requests per year
  • 2500 MB of storage
  • SMS notification to signer: 300 SMS
  • 200 signing requests per month
  • 200MB storage
  • SMS notification included: 30 SMS
  • OTP SMS signature
  • API access included
  • Document custody: 5 years
  • Audit document
  • Priority Support Channel
  • Auto activation and start-up

Technical specifications


  • Electronic signature with legal validity. SIGNfarm includes all the necessary evidence that guarantees the identity of the signer
  • More sustainable with the environment. SIGNfarm collaborates with the reduction of CO2 since the use of paper is not necessary
  • Document custody. SIGNfarm guarantees the preservation of documents for a minimum of 5 years according to current legal regulations
  • API available. In all payment plans, which allows integration with your company's corporate platforms as well as mass sending of documentation to be signed
  • Several signers and files at the same time. SIGNfarm allows you to indicate several signers, both consecutively and optional signers
  • Additional data collection. SIGNfarm allows each signer to request additional data that can be included in the final document and/or retrieved via API for integration with other systems
Technical specifications


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